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Natural Spa Facial Treatments

Indulge in rejuvenation & revitalize your skin.

Urban Embodiment Vitality

60 min / $155 | 90 min / $230

Nourishing and revitalizing this double cleansing facial gives you advanced defenses against pollution and detoxifying results that control the effect of premature aging. The power of our AHA/BHA peel removes impurities and free radicals. The use of our crystal facial sculpting tool promotes radiant and smooth-looking skin while infusing skin with moringa and myrtle to provide protection against environmental damage, leaving skin brighter and revitalized.

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Sublime Lifting

90 min / $280

Your Genie in a Bottle experience for maturing and aging skin! It is time to restore your depleted skin and repair the skins barriers for long lasting nourishment. With the power of immortality herb and red algae extract, skin battling dryness and dehydration transforms to reveal a youthful glow. This treatment is completed with our Signature Artné Facelift by Massage using balancing energy points and a 3D youth-revealing mask that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve elasticity.

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Urban Embodiment Longevity

60 min / $160 | 90 min $240

Let us turn back your clock as we fight the signs of aging with a triple dewrinkling complex packed with powerful plant-based stem cells, lipoamino acid and wakame extract to increase elasticity and volume. Pairing specialized anti-wrinkle techniques and a cryotherapy, we eliminate chronic fatigue and inflammation with the help of a marine and herbal mask to give your face a youthful and lifted look.

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Artné Signature Facial

30 min / $78 | 60 min / 140

This aromatic treatment is customized for your skin type. Using a unique sequence of 5 deep cleansing protocols, this facial focuses on your skin’s unique needs. Featuring an aromatic blend of products and the Signature Artné Facelift by Massage, we will design the perfect facial for your skin type that will rebalance skin for all conditions and create a radiant glow.

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CBD Upgrade $30

Get the feel good all the way down to your cells. Feel the calm throughout your body by easing your pain symptoms at the source with your choice of rose, lavender, unscented or medi-cool recovery.

Aromatherapy $20

Stimulate your senses to connect and deepen the benefits of any treatment with your choice of the perfect therapeutic blend of essential oils.

Himalayan Salt Stones $15

Reach the deepest level of healing and relaxation by adding warm stones to your treatment to release the tension, stress, and tightness with a feeling of balance and pure pampering.

Eye Gels $8

Illuminate the windows to your world with this firming treatment that leave your eyes feeling refreshing and renewed.

Prenatal $10

Bring gentle comfort to aching muscles and sore joints. Giving special attention to lower back, hips, legs, and feet we help you transition through this sacred time of life while helping to minimize stretchmarks with skin nutrient hydration. (Recommended for woman in their 2nd and 3rd trimester)

Scalp Ritual $70

Calm your nervous system as you slip into rest and relaxation with this 30-minute massage featuring a nourishing and hydrating hair oil enhanced with your choice of essential oils that will restore balance to your mind and scalp.

Foot Ritual $60

Just like your neck, back and shoulders, your feet can also benefit from regular rubdowns, give an additional 30 minutes of attention to the part of your body that carries you through life. Featuring our Gua Sha Stone with an invigorating lotion combined with acupressure points in your feet to improve circulation, stimulate muscles and reduce tension.

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