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CBD Enhanced Spa Treatments

By Artné Spa on September 25, 2019 • News

Now Available at Artne Spa: CBD enhanced Spa Treatments

Artne Spa CBD massage oils

We have exclusively partnered with Vermont sourced and women founded CBD brand Elmore Mountain Therapeutics to create our unique CBD Spa line. CBD Massage oils and face serum, infused with CBD are now available for use daily in our Spa treatments.

“CBD can be used to enhance the effects of a relaxing massage.”


“CBD is gentle enough for the face and tough enough on muscles.”


“Will I get “high,?” Is a common questions from our customers. The answer is no. Our CBD line does not have “psychoactive” properties. Our CBD line is full spectrum, meaning there is under 0.3% THC (Federal guideline), which will enhance the uptake, absorption, and effectiveness of the CBD treatment and allow the effects of the massage to last longer.

The CBD receptors on the skin are highly concentrated. Up to 5x more concentrated than that of internal use, allowing for maximum effects of CBD on the skin.

Only 2% absorption topically, means you can safely enjoy a full spectrum CBD enhanced massage.

The Artne Spa excessively partnered with Elmore Mountain Therapeutics of Vermont for exclusive use of their products in Portland. “We are very impressed with EMT’s overall professionalism and scientific approach to CBD. Quality assurance was our primary concern. Every batch of EMT CBD oil is lab tested for potency and purity.”