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Body Treatments

Explore different sensorial pathways for the ultimate tranquility experience.

Urban Embodiment

90 min/$230

The Ultimate in Luxury. This three-step treatment starts with a full body dry brush exfoliation followed by a double massage application of serum and mask that will penetrate moisture deep into your skin. You are then cocooned in a warm wrap to help your skin absorb every bit of hydration while you rest blissfully with a warm infused eye pillow. Choose from:

Vitality – An essential oil-based option features a serum of rosemary, lavender, thyme, and jasmine followed with a milk mask of ginseng, sweet orange, and mandarin.

Longevity – This is CBD based.

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Artné Signature

60 min/$155

A whole body experience featuring the antioxidant powers of Artné Signature Blueberry and White Tea locally-crafted body products to boost your skin in a soft and supportive way. Your relaxation starts with a dry brush exfoliation for the whole body and completed with a nutrient-rich body mask that massaged in at the end for ultimate hydration.

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CBD Upgrade $30

Get the feel good all the way down to your cells. Feel the calm throughout your body by easing your pain symptoms at the source.

Aromatherapy $15

Stimulate your senses to connect and deepen the benefits of any treatment with your choice of the perfect therapeutic blend of essential oils.

Himalayan Salt Stones $25

Reach the deepest level of healing and relaxation by adding warm stones to your treatment to release the tension, stress, and tightness with a feeling of balance and pure pampering.

Eye Gels $8

Illuminate the windows to your world with this firming treatment that leave your eyes feeling refreshing and renewed.

Prenatal $10

Bring gentle comfort to aching muscles and sore joints. Giving special attention to lower back, hips, legs, and feet we help you transition through this sacred time of life while helping to minimize stretchmarks with skin nutrient hydration. (Recommended for woman in their 2nd and 3rd trimester)

Scalp Ritual $70

Calm your nervous system as you slip into rest and relaxation with this 30-minute massage featuring a nourishing and hydrating hair oil enhanced with your choice of essential oils that will restore balance to your mind and scalp.

Foot Ritual $70

Just like your neck, back and shoulders, your feet can also benefit from regular rubdowns, give an additional 30 minutes of attention to the part of your body that carries you through life. Featuring our Gua Sha Stone with an invigorating lotion combined with acupressure points in your feet to improve circulation, stimulate muscles and reduce tension.

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